Meet AutoCat

Powerful, automated transaction categorization for Google Sheets, 100% based on your rules.

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Fast and flexible categorization

Save time with automated categorization of all your transactions in Google Sheets. More accurate than any app. 10x faster than manual spreadsheets.

“AutoCat is AMAZING. My key value for subscribing to Tiller Money was time savings… With AutoCat my time savings value is exponentially greater.”​

Steve Mullin

Steve Mullin

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Examples of ways to use AutoCat:

Auto-categorize recurring transactions such as subscriptions and mortgage payments.

Clean up historical data imported from previous spreadsheets or CSV files.

Use a single rule for multiple criteria – for example, one rule can cover gas purchases from multiple gas stations.


Make your own rules. Change your mind. Make new ones.

AutoCat gives you complete control of creating, changing, and deleting categorization rules. You can even choose when AutoCat runs.

Examples of rules you might make:

“Any transaction with a description containing ‘Nytimes’ should be auto-categorized as ‘Subscription'”

“Descriptions containing ‘Payment’ with the institution ‘Capital One’ should be categorized as ‘Transfer'”

“Descriptions containing ‘Starbucks’ under $25 should be categorized as ‘Coffee,’ but any transaction over $25 should be ‘Dining Out'”

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How to Get Started With AutoCat

Start a free 30-day trial of Tiller Money

Launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on in your Google spreadsheet

Open “AutoCat” in the add-on sidebar

Make a few custom rules

Run AutoCat for your uncategorized transactions or for all your transactions

AutoCat FAQ

  • How do I get AutoCat?

    AutoCat is included with a Tiller Money subscription. You install it in Google Sheets with the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on.

  • Do I need a Tiller Money subscription to use AutoCat?

    AutoCat is designed for Google spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds. You can try Tiller Money and AutoCat completely free for 30 days to see how it works for you.

  • How do I get help with AutoCat?

    Customer support for AutoCat is provided with your Tiller Money subscription. You can also get help quickly in the Tiller Money Community. Finally, you can search Tiller Money's Help Docs for AutoCat.

  • Is there an AutoCat for Microsoft Excel?

    We currently do not offer a version of AutoCat for Microsoft Excel.

  • I prefer manual categorization. Do I have to use AutoCat with Tiller Money?

    AutoCat is completely optional, and you don't need to use it with Tiller Money. If you prefer to closely track your finances by manually categorizing your transactions, you could still set AutoCat to only file fixed or major transactions (like your mortgage).

  • Does AutoCat always run automatically?

    With AutoCat you choose how you want it to run: Auto run when your transactions are updated, or manually with a single click.

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